Line of sight at 1m above ground, we measured approx. 700ft (200m) range. When receiver is placed higher above ground (without Fresnel zone impairments) measured free space range is more than 2100ft (700m).

We use 20kHz signal bandwidth, which is 1000 times narrower than the bandwidth of WiFi. Digital signal processing inside the receiver filters out-of-band to get 1000 times less received noise power. The result is higher sensitivity and longer range, even at much lower transmit power than that of WiFi for long battery life using only a small battery.

We use 430-439MHz radio frequency, which passes through concrete walls at least 10dB better than 2.4GHz signals used by Bluetooth or WiFi.

All this means Wireless Sensor Tags will work extremely well anywhere in your house, inside fridge/freezer, basement, attic, and beyond such as mail box on the street, barn, greenhouse in your yard.

Low Power Receive Mode:

Automatic transmit power control

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